Who am I?
My name is Emily, as of 2021 I'm a 17 year old girl from Sweden! I have many interests and as you can probably tell, the old web is one of them. I really love making websites that give off Y2K vibes! I've always been interested in art and currently I'm an Arts & Crafts student, so naturally I enjoy drawing my own pixel dolls and making clothes for them. If you wanna read more about the dolls themselves, feel free to check out the History section! Name graphic made by Karla.

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What is Dollz Revival?
Dollz Revival is a website created on March 15th, 2020, with the intention to revive late 1990's and early 2000's pixel doll culture. What exactly is a "pixel doll", you might ask? It's a digital avatar or character, most commonly a human doll, drawn pixel by pixel. This form of art and expression was way popular on the old web, with sites such as Style Dollz where people could assemble their own dolls with premade props. Almost all of the OG doll sites have gotten deleted or are no longer being maintained and therefore have broken links, broken makers, missing graphics, etc. It saddens me to see, so I wanted to create something similar that would actually be active and regularly updated. Almost like a pixel doll renaissance! Pixel dolling holds so much creativity and possibility, it's something I wish was still as popular as back in the day so that generation Z could experience the same fun. Dressing up these little dolls on my screen, going wild or trying to make them look like myself, there's nothing quite like it. Someday I hope to expand this project further and maybe even replicate The Doll Palace.