August 31st, 2021
I haven't updated the site in 2 months but I assure you all that I am still alive. Even during the times where I'm not working on updates or props, I do check in and read the comments you guys leave and I appreciate them all very much! A lot of my time from now on will be put into working on my final art project for school, my idea is to create a similar site, focused on different subcultures. When things get going with that, I might share it here. Anyway, here's Bu-Ling, my favourite out of the girls from Tokyo Mew Mew! She can be found on the Revivalz page as well. Now only Zakuro remains.

June 4th, 2021
Happy Pride Month! Today I handed in my final assignment for this term. My grades are looking pretty good which surprised me, so far I know that I have at least 4 A's!!! It feels good to know that I don't have any more school responsibilites to worry about until August.

May 17th, 2021
Minto and Retasu have been added to the Revivalz page. :) Retasu was always my least favourite Mew because I thought her personality and design were super boring lol, but at least making her into a doll was pretty fun!

May 15th, 2021
Hey new visitors!! Assuming you guys came here from Youth Culture 2000 :) Thanks for stopping by! Anyway, I haven't been doing much dolling recently, but I got the idea to make something from my childhood into dolls... Tokyo Mew Mew! It was the first anime I watched (besides Pokémon) and the first manga I read. I was totally obsessed with it in second grade, so why not pay some homage? I already finished Ichigo and I'm super proud. You can find her doll in the Revivalz category, but here she is below as well:

April 13th, 2021
It's "Neil banging out the tunes"-day AGAIN!

Happy 15th anniversary to this astonishing rodent musician!
It's so crazy that a whole year has passed! Same old story though, school is still stressing me out and I'm still behind on my assignments. It sucks that I don't have time or motivation to really focus on this site as much as I'd like to. I should open up some kind of prop-submission thing where people can send in their own stuff if they make any.

March 24th, 2021
Finished the MLP dolls. :)

March 20th, 2021
I'm so sorry for the two months of no updates! After winter break, school has been much more stressful. I'm constantly falling behind in my classes and having to work on assignments. Know that if I willfully abandon this site I will make it very clear! I don't want to be like the old dollsites whose owners seemingly just vanished. Times are frantic and hopefully once I catch up with school, I'll feel more motivated to update the site. Not giving up!

January 5th, 2021
Happy 17th birthday to me! One year left until I'm a legal adult in charge of my own life.

January 4th, 2021
Belated happy new year dollers! I've been away from Neocities for a couple of months, not a lot has happened in my life during that time. But tomorrow is... My 17th birthday! My school went back to distance learning in December so luckily I have been able to mostly relax at home since then. Online classes are continuing until about February at the least, but it's not fully decided if we're going back after that or not. Anyway, I went back to working on my Minecraft texturepack a while ago, so I've been getting into pixel art again without feeling too art-blocked. Hopefully I'll get some new props out soon. I'm happy to see that a few people have caught interest in my digital quilt, thank you so much for joining! I'm really glad others think it's a fun concept.

November 7th, 2020
Added a Mini maker for anyone who's interested. :) In spirit of the ongoing election in America, I made this little selfdoll. I may not be American myself, but I still stayed up all night to watch the election process live. Boy was I disappointed when they didn't finish counting votes the same day. As you can clearly tell, I'm hoping Biden wins. I was shocked to see just how many states were won over by Trump!

November 6th, 2020
I hope everyone had a nice Halloween despite COVID-19! I didn't do anything special to celebrate. Anyway, shoutout to Youth Culture 2000, a really cool Y2K zine here on Neocities! Thanks for adding my site to your links, I really appreciate it! If whoever's reading this enjoys my site, I'm sure you'll love theirs. Now to what's new on my site: I put up a section for the minis I made from scratch, I decided to call them Revival Minis. I might add a maker eventually, but I need to make more skintones first! Feel free to leave suggestions in my guestbook or comment box for types of clothing I should make as well, this goes for all makers on my site. And don't forget you can always draw your own! One of my favourite things about the original Style Dollz is that so many people across the world were creating and sharing their own props for them. So if you make any, let me know! I'd love to see them. :)

October 27th, 2020
Long time, no updates! Again! Been feeling burned out due to school but I'm on fall break now, so I can finally sleep in. For a week at least. I just put up a Rachel Berry from Glee doll in the Revivalz section, I made it a while back but never got around to posting it. I'm very happy to see that people are still visiting my site! There's some sad news I have to share with you guys though, in an earlier entry I mentioned that I was starting the process of going on an exchange year to the USA. Unfortunately I had to cancel, because my school here in Sweden is shutting down completely once my year graduates. I already paid the 5000 kr application fee, which I'm not sure if I'm getting a refund on. Let's hope for the best!

September 20th, 2020
Just organized EVERY SINGLE SITE FILE. It took me forever but it was so worth it! Everything is going to be much smoother from now on, at least for me when it comes to managing the dollmakers. I've also added a few props to the male maker (finally), feel free to leave suggestions in my guestbook or comment box on what you guys would like me to make for it! This goes for all the makers btw. Always open to new ideas! I've made my own version of those original Mini dolls as well, so might add a maker for those. Don't know what to call them, maybe just MyMinis haha. Not very creative but oh well.

August 16th, 2020
I added all the clothes for Pinkie and Fluttershy in the female maker and put their dolls in the Revivalz category! I'll be doing Rainbow Dash next. School starts back up again tomorrow and I really don't want to go back, but I have to. Don't know how active I will be on here since I'm going into my 2nd year, and everyone says year 2 is the hardest. At least I don't have math anymore!

August 9th, 2020
Hey! My gosh I've been incredibly inactive on here. No updates in the past 2 months!!! I lost all motivation to work on this site and this summer hasn't been kind to me at all. I'm back now though! My school starts back up again in a few days, I'm going into my second year which everyone says is the hardest, but I'll push through it. Gonna spend some time making more clothes, scrapped the old gifts I was trying to make so I'm gonna think of something new for that as well. Glad to be back! Working on the outfits to go with the MLP hairs, as of rn Twilight is done. I put her finished doll with coloured skin in the Revivalz doll section. Pinkie Pie is in the making! Just gotta make the shoes and do some shading.

May 17th, 2020
Added some new uniques, removed the premade Disney dolls section and moved the ones that were there to the Revivalz category. I also figured out how to source images from folders now so I'm working on moving all files into folders, basically organizing everything so that it'll be easier for me to edit my site. I haven't worked on any new props for a while because I'm not really motivated, having a bit of a "creative block" that I hope will pass soon! I haven't slept at all and it's currently 08:25 in the morning, if I'm lucky I won't pass out later and sleep through the entire day. Thinking of making gifts for my affiliates :) Go check their sites out if you haven't already! Link buttons in the right sidebar menu.

May 8th, 2020
So I made another website: emcivorexchange. It's where I'll be documenting my exchange year experience! I've yet to apply because the organization I was about to contact went bankrupt last month, now I somehow have to apply through their office in Norway instead of here in Sweden which I need help with. Still waiting on a response email. Anyway, there's not much on there at the moment but feel free to check it out! As for Dollz Revival, I haven't worked much on this site lately. Gotta get back on track and draw more props for the makers, I didn't like how the guy clothes turned out so I haven't put those up yet (might go ahead and add the pants though cause they're okay looking).

April 27th, 2020
I'm not dead! Just been super busy with school. I was behind in several classes and still kinda am, pulled a ton of all nighters to catch up on assignments and didn't have time to work on anything related to my site. But now I've only got an art assignment to finish which will only take a few minutes (although it was supposed to be handed in last Tuesday lol). Started drawing a pair of baggy jeans for the dudemaker last week that I completely forgot about when the stress hit me, so I'm gonna try to get those done ASAP and a couple more props so it's at least fair! Thanks to everyone who stops by and checks out my site, hope it's enjoyable. :) Also still haven't fixed the missing pixel issue with the male bases hah, sucks to be a chronic procrastinator.

April 19th, 2020
Finally got the male base out! It only has one set of legs per skin colour though, don't know if I'll add more as time goes on but we'll see. Something extremely frustrating is when you've gone through and recoloured then cropped every single body part and after uploading you realize there's a pixel missing. Just happened to me with some of the arms! Another thing is that I feel like the arms are too long or the legs are too short, so I'll probably be fixing that as well soon. I'm super bad at drawing male bodies! My proportions are all over the place and nothing is exactly anatomically correct. But either way this is a start, at least now there's something for guys as well. Just no clothes or hair yet lol.

April 17th, 2020
The dollmakers are finally fixed and way more organized! Should be easier to use now and definitely faster. I removed the first generation makers since I no longer work on those, and also went ahead with taking down the MLP maker because it would be better if I just turned those into premade dolls that people can download. The props will however still be available in the regular female maker. I've decided on the name Revivalz for my dolls, rather than Revival Dollz! Now that I've finally got the makers down right, I need to put my focus on drawing more props and especially get to work on the male bases so that guys can be made as well.

April 14th, 2020
So I spent like a whole day trying to find a way to organize the props in my dollmakers, and I still haven't found a solution. I've tested several different methods and even looked into the page source of other dollmakers to see if it would make me understand the problem, which didn't do much for me either! After going at it for hours, I managed to get the prop tabs right but the drag and drop script is acting out. I'm friends with a girl in the game development program at my school so I just asked her if she could help me but I think she's asleep. Once this gets resolved it'll be way more effective than having to scroll through all props, drag them one by one, scroll again and so on.

April 13th, 2020
It's "Neil banging out the tunes"-day!

Happy 14th anniversary to this astonishing rodent musician!
Topic change. I've worked for HOURS to revamp generation 2 of my dolls. I edited the shading and split up the body into different parts for more customization, now my hands hurt from all the work but it's worth it! I would like to organize all of my files in folders here on Neocities but when I do that, nothing shows up if I source it in my site code. Anyway, the old base models have been replaced and I think I'm going to add a tutorial for the easiest way (in my opinion) to assemble dolls! While more customization is cool, I now have to make clothes that'll fit different types of arms and legs.

April 12th, 2020
Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! I've been adding and finetuning a few things on the site these past few days. Still haven't gotten around to making male dolls for generation 2 of my Revival Dollz (or should I call them Revivalz?), but sooner or later they'll be here lol. I've downloaded The Palace and spent some time on there, it seems it's most popular amongst Spanish people since those chatrooms are the fullest. I haven't met another English person that I know of, or Swedish for that matter! It's not too bad though, I took Spanish classes from 6th to 9th grade so I can understand a bit of what everyone's saying. This next week I'll be busy with school again, I haven't finished a PowerPoint for Swedish class and I also have not finished my graphic design project - we're all supposed to design vinyl record covers for albums that already exist. The album I chose is Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy by Mindless Self Indulgence!

April 4th, 2020
My internet was out for 2-3 hours today, and so while I waited for it to come back I started working on a new line of dolls in Photoshop that I'll be calling Bobbleheadz! They're just pixel bust dolls, as of now I've finished the first base (female). I don't know if I will be making male versions yet because I haven't even done that for my gen 2 dolls. Right now there are no items in the Bobblehead dollmaker other than a single base, but hopefully I will be adding things to it in the following days. I should have a ton of time since this coming week is Easter break! I don't know if people regularly check in on my site but if anyone does, thank you, and I hope you enjoy the content I put out!

April 1st, 2020
Happy April Fools day everyone! I've been gone for about a week, I took a break to let my hands rest. While I was gone, Karla from Silent Devotion made me a button people can use to link to my site!!! I haven't gotten around to making one myself so I really appreciate this a lot! Please go show her site a ton of love :) I'll be adding the button to the homepage of my site but here it is as well. [EDIT: It's later in the evening now and I just added a Disney doll section! It's not a maker, so it'll only have premade dolls made by yours truly. The first addition being Roxanne from A Goofy Movie!]

March 23rd, 2020
Made the MLP doll collection public, although it only has bases and hair at the moment. Gonna work on the outfits at another time! My right hand (which is my dominant hand) has been hurting a bit since I draw everything with my mousepad, it's probably time to take a little break. At least until it stops. I've also added a chatbox on the main page of my site where people can leave comments or just talk! I got the idea from Silent Devotion, another doll site with a bunch of cool graphics! Go check it out :) Other than working on the site I've done some schoolwork, an assignment I have right now for art class is to design a character so I made some progress with that earlier. All national tests for this term have been cancelled because of COVID-19. It makes me feel less stressed about school, I just hope we won't be forced to do extra tests next time around. Besides school stuff, I have gotten back into rewatching To Catch A Predator on YouTube along with a bunch of other independent organization's vids. Really wish I'd been old enough to watch TCAP back when it aired on television! Not that it was even a thing in Sweden lol. Anyway, time to go watch RuPaul's Drag Race! Byeee, until next time!

March 22nd, 2020
I knew from the start of generation 2 that I wanted to make some dolls relating to different franchises, like popular shows or movies. I've started working on a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic collection, but my site has run into some problems. I reworked my model because the face was a bit too wide and this took me forever since I had to manually edit all 22 bases. Now that I've replaced the files of my site, they're not updating. When they load on a page, they still look like the old ones and if I open the files in a new window directly from the "Edit site" page I get the same problem. I'm assuming this is just something that happens because I deleted and replaced so many files all at once. At least I hope they will update after some time.

March 18th, 2020
I've been working on the site for 3 days now, everything seems to be going smoothly and I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of visitors I've already racked up! I mean, 1049 views in this amount of time really is a lot to me! I've only "advertised" my dollmakers on FriendProject so I wonder where everyone else is coming from. Probably the Newest/Latest updated search option here on Neocities! Anyway, topic change time. Due to the Corona virus the schools in Sweden have now shut down and I'll be doing my schoolwork online instead. That means I have more time to spend on this too! Kinda funny how something so bad has this little good outcome. Buuut now I'm gonna continue adding things to the site so... Until next time!