· Karla from Silent Devotion & more...
BIG BIG BIG thanks to Karla for supporting my site and taking time out of her day to make me a link button!

· Dynamic Drive
Without the Generic Drag Script from Dynamic Drive, I would not have been able to make my dollmakers usable!

· W3Schools
With the help of W3Schools, I have learned how to code websites beyond basic HTML knowledge!

· Cbox
Thanks to Cbox, visitors of my site can leave comments!

· Yummielicious
Huge thanks to Yummielicious for being the inspiration behind my site layout!

· Lissa Explains
Lissa helped me understand how to create tables in HTML!

· Font Meme
Thanks to Font Meme for providing many font generators, one of them being the one I used for the top section of my site!

· MyBlinkie
I used MyBlinkie to create the blinkie that leads to my guest-book!

Those who submit props for the makers will be listed here as well as the #number each prop was assigned!

· ju1ia
Submitted footwear #4 #5 #6, + bottoms #4 + tops #12 + hair #18 + accessories #3 #4 in the female maker.