Generation 1
The first generation of Dollz Revival dolls didn't have an official name, and were just called "pixel people." I started making them because I was inspired by Style Dollz, the originals from the 1990's. I'm a sucker for old web nostalgia and so I wanted to try do something of my own to revive it. In the beginning I just made custom dolls for people, primarily for my friends on FriendProject and Instagram. The first generation maker was taken down on Friday the 17th of April, 2020.

Generation 2, "Revivalz"
While using the first generation models to make dolls, I quickly realized that the size was an issue. I needed more pixels to work with in order to make more detailed items such as hair and clothing, and so I decided to start a new generation of my dolls. Another improvement with generation 2 is that the base models now have legs and feet, which allows more clothing options! This is also where I decided to call the dolls Revivalz.

Instead of making another set of fullbody dolls I wanted to try making a bust model, and since the focus is pretty much just on the head, I decided on the name Bobbleheadz. As of writing this, there are no props and only one skintone in the maker. Due to no further updates on this type of doll, I decided to delete the maker on Thursday, March 25th, 2020.

Revival Minis
Heavily inspired by the original Mini dolls from the 1990's! This is not an idea that I myself came up with, I simply wanted to remake my own version of the real deal. :) Something simpler than the Revivalz that wouldn't take forever to make props for.