Join my digital quilt!

Some of you may know about The Quilting Bee, an old online club where the point was to draw your own patch of a digital quilt and then trade it in exchange for others. In order to be part of the club, you had to have a decent website and trade for at least 2 patches each month. This was popular back in the early to mid 2000's, and I didn't have the chance to partake back then. So I thought I'd start my own! First, let's go over some requirements.

Important notice: Previously, you had to reach out to me beforehand in order to be assigned a number, but due to several people reaching out and then never actually making a patch I've decided to stop using that system! Now, if you want to join the quilt, you do NOT have to ask me first! Simply let me know if you have made a patch and I will display it here! Numbers will no longer be assigned and the quilt is free for anyone to join as long as you follow the guidelines:

· The max size of each patch should be 41x41 pixels to keep it small and cute!
· NSFW themes are not allowed in the quilt (this means sexual imagery such as nudity).
· In order to be added to my quilt, you need to notify me when you've made a patch either by leaving a chatbox comment, profile comment or guestbook comment.
· You must include: A way for me to contact you back, along with a link to the website where you will be displaying your quilt!
· When displaying patches other than your own, you should link to the creator of the patch.

You can use this template or create your own from scratch (as long as it's within the size limit).
Go ahead and add my patch to your site if you feel like it already!

My Quilt